Messages from Your Benefits and Well-Being Team

Important Tuition Information regarding the Yearly Cap- Plan Year 2023.

Please read this important information regarding tuition reimbursement deadline for 2023 benefit year (there will be no exceptions granted for late or incomplete submissions-resulting in the reimbursement being applied and paid in benefit year 2024).

2023 is quickly coming to a close, which means the deadline for getting your tuition reimbursement funds paid out under your 2023 benefit limit is approaching.

In order to guarantee that your payment is applied to the 2023 taxable year and to have funds applied to your 2023 tuition reimbursement benefit limit, acceptable documents must be submitted successfully to Edcor in one package by December 17, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Submissions after this date/time or incomplete submissions could and will likely result in your reimbursement being paid and applied to your 2024 tuition benefit alottment.

Your tuition benefit year runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.  When payment is established on an application, you will be reimbursed for the receipted, eligible dollars and only up to your remaining available benefit limit for the calendar year.  For example, if your term ends in December 2023, but you receive payment in January 2024, the payment amount will be deducted from and applied to your 2024 benefit limit. 

Please be aware that submitting and having an application approved, does not mean that you will have enough benefit remaining to be paid the approved amount.  You will only be reimbursed the receipted, eligible dollars up to your remaining benefit limit.  

You may monitor your available benefit limit by logging into the tuition website at  You can learn more about your benefit limit under the Program Information tab on the tuition website.  If you need assistance logging in, understanding your benefit limit, or how it is calculated, please contact Edcor at 1-844-248-0783.